Thursday, May 12, 2011

Day 21 (Elmendorf and Thunderbird Falls)

 Since all the boys are interested in the Military, John wanted to go to Elmendorf Air Force Base and see if they allow visitors on the base.  Well we got as far as the visitors center outside the gate.  Oh well, Ryan enjoyed the view of the F-15 anyway.

After stopping for a few snacks we headed up to Thunderbird Falls.  It's between Anchorage and Wasilla, and in Chugach  State Park.  It was sunny out and around 55 degrees.  The hike was fairly easy, just those steep parts, and trying to keep up with the kids made it hard.  Luckily I had to stop to find 2 caches on the way up, it gave me a chance to catch my breath.  At the upper look out platform I looked for another cache, but couldn't find it, so I spent a few minutes looking at the view and trying to take photos of the falls.  Even though it was sunny out, the sun was just in the wrong position, and the falls were is too much shadow to get good lighting.   Then off to the lower look out point to check the view from there. The temperature was at least 10 degrees colder down by the river and the falls, there was still ice close to the falls.  Though I am irrationally nervous about slipping on ice or loose rock, I just force myself to go out though and find a way over the slippery parts, and I'm glad I did because the view of the falls was much better from here.

I asked John to take a picture of me, since there aren't many of me, I'm always the one behind the camera.  Usually I don't like how I look in pictures but I actually love this photo!

I dropped John and the kids at the church for their teen group night, to play ping pong, pool and eat junk food, with loud music filling in any quiet space.  I had 3 hours to myself, so of course, I went geocaching.  I found 7 of the nine I looked for, and had a great time.  There is moss growing on many things here, I love how it looks against the tree bark.

This guy kept chattering at me while I looked for a nearby cache, I hope he didn't think I was here to steal his pine cones.
This was one of my favorite hides, the bark of these trees, will peel back and form a tube shape, just right to slip in a camo'd match container.  That said, it is difficult to spot at first.  I just enjoyed being by myself and the hike around this little park.

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