Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alaska Day 17 (April 30th)

Saturday we drove back to Anchorage for the Aviation trade show held at the Fed Ex hanger at the airport that John flies into each time he comes into Anchorage.  It was cold out and there were LOTS of people there.  Airplanes are everywhere in Alaska, like a second car.  Most are small like the the one that Kamryn is checking out.  But we didn't come to see those...

These are the one's the boys (John included) came to see.

 The KC-135 we saw land yesterday

The National Guardsman showed Ian and Kamryn where they lay down during their shift in the refueling area, they stay there for hours and it's very cold.  They also told us this plane was built in 1962.  Then asked if we would drive a car that old down the road. 

A view of the F-22 from the other plane.
 the cockpit, John had lots of questions for the pilot
 On to the C-17 that from the 1990's

The cargo area from the cockpit

After we looked around inside we were walking around the back for John to explain some things to us and we heard a big noise, and the back started to lower, cool!
 John explained to us how the engines are in reverse now, see the opening in the middle of the engine? 
The pilots use it to slow down the plane.  In normal operation that opening is closed and the air flow is to the back of the engine creating forward thrust.  I hope I just said all the correctly!

 After the Aviation Expo we drove up the coast to Girdwood and the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center.  We stopped in Girdwood for lunch at the Bake Shop, great homemade soup and fresh bread.  Not cheap though.  The kids and John stood outside and watched the snowmobile competition, me, I wandered in the little shops, where it was nice and warm & dry.  Saw some awesome photography and art work in one little shop, wish I could have brought some home.

The weather all day had been overcast, cold and rainy, but it just got worse as the day went on.  So even with the beautiful views we couldn't see them very well, and didn't get many good pictures.
 On to the conservation area.  It was very muddy, and kinda depressing looking.  The guy at the gate had said it had been raining all week there, so hopefully it doesn't look this bad all the time.  There weren't that many animals to see either, you just drive around and can stop to get out and get a little closer to the ones you want to see.

I would like to feel these antlers to see what they feel like.

 There were lots of dead trees in the area from the 1964 Earthquake and subsequent 10 foot seawater flood of the area.  It was cool to see the Eagle perched on one of them, but it was still pretty far away for a good photo.
 The 2 orphaned Kodiak cubs were fun to watch.  this one was eating a feather, don't know where he got that from.  We also saw the employees feed the bears grapes, they would throw them through the fence to the bears, and they would turn over the rocks looking for them.
This black bear was in the cage next to them and just spent his/her time pacing next to the fence, he/she just looks so wistful.

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  1. Love the mosquito shot! I would be curious about those fuzzy antlers, too. Poor bear. :/ I hope she finds some peace. - Adrienne


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