Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Alaska Day 14 (April 26th)

Day 14 began at a place I had been to the first time I came to Alaska, MMMMMMM, a chocolate factory with a chocolate waterfall!  When we got there I pulled out my phone and looked to see if there was a cache in the area and there was, you had to take a photo of yourself in front of the store, and then ask if you could hold one of the 10lb blocks of chocolate they melt and use to fill the fountain.  Okay, no problem.  Picture outside, go in ask the cashier to hold the chocolate, get a blank stare, and then the other employee says, oh geocaching, come with me.  So she brings it out and hands it to me, Ian snaps the picture, and I was sooo tempted to lick that bar of chocolate!  I could smell it! 

Yes the sign says "Do Not eat from the fountain."  No swimming either.

We also went to the Diamond Center Mall, where we went on our first trip here, this ice skating rink is in the middle of the mall.  I have a photo at home with me and Ryan standing in the same area, only he was 3 months old.  A few things have changed since then, we've both grown.

After spending some time at the mall we dropped John back off at the hotel, so that he could go back to work, and drove back to Big Lake.  Our rental truck is a stick shift and I can't believe how easily driving one comes back after all these years.  My first car, a Ford Tempo, was a stick shift, but I haven't driven one in years.  I kinda like it. 

We made one stop on the way home to find a special cache called Cache Across America - Alaska.  There is one special cache hidden in each state in the US, and when you find all of them you are able to find the final one.  This is the first I've found, wish I'd have know about these caches when I was in Hawaii, but now I'll need to do another vacation there to find it.  I really don't know if I'll ever get to all 50 states to find these, but while I'm here, I'll add this to my found list.
I was out to take photos of the sunset and wanted to show you how much it has changed since we arrived, there is now very little snow in the yard!  I can't believe how quickly it has melted.  The ice on the lake is still solid, with a layer of slush on top, but most of the snow around is gone.
The Sunsets have been beautiful, but getting later every evening, it set around 9:50 tonight.

Thursday is Kamryn's birthday and I wanted to make a "card" for her to put on facebook.

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  1. Happy birthday Kamryn! Boy, the boys are getting so tall! - Adrienne :)


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