Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Alaska Day 18 May 1st

 Sunday morning found us back to worship with the Wasilla Church of the Nazarene, a great group of Nazarenes.   We plan to go back on Friday to join their Youth Group for a teen night.  After lunch at the Denali Family Restaurant, we went home for the mandatory Nazarene nap time.  Boy, did that feel great!  Then we got together to discuss our plans for the final week and a half we have left.  Lots of things still on our list.

Even though it was getting late, the sun is up until almost 10pm here, so we went out to Palmer Hay Flats again, the kids wanted to show John the area we had gone before, and I still had caches to find.

This time we saw the sandhill cranes, not just heard them.

 We went down onto the hay flats this time, going to a lower parking area and then out.  It was muddy, but there were ways around the worst parts.  We went to a bridge over a creek and I found one cache there.

The kids raced up the hill, while I kept John company on the drive back up the hill.

On the way back up I stopped to take some photos of a juvenile Bald Eagle that just sat in the tree watching us.

 The view from back up at the top, you can see now the wet patches that you can't see from below.
 One of my favorite sites, the family on a trail leading to a geocache!

some of the views along the way

This is the same cache I looked for last time and couldn't find, so I brought the GPS and found it right away this time, I was looking in the wrong place last time.  Worth the trip both times!

This is Kamryn's rock collection, she climbed out on a fallen log, leaned out and stuck her hand in the freezing water to get them.
 There were lots of ferns in the area around the creek, but they all looked brown like this, I would love to see them in the summertime.

If you look around though you can see interesting things growing.

Ryan even caught a fish by hand, well maybe not a fish...
 and we got to see the Alaska State Bird before Ryan flicked him to his doom.  I  hope that's not illegal.

We managed to hike out before the sun went down.  What a way to spend the day.

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