Thursday, April 14, 2011


3:15am (EST) Wake Up
4:15am Leave Home
4:40am Check in at Delta RSW
6:20am Take Off!
8:30am Land in Cincinnati (run for connecting flight)
9:20am Take off for Seattle
11:35am (PST) Arrive in Seattle
1:40pm Leave Seattle
4:00pm Land in ANCHORAGE!
6:00pm Arrive at house in Big Lake!

19 hours total time

Totally worth it!

First thing to see on the airplane? Sky Mall magazine

Second thing? Take a nap!

Provide your own entertainment during layovers,

Uhmmmm, I don't think the temp gauge isn't working, it's only 48 degrees out.

Views of the Chugach Mountains

The back of the house on Big Lake

The Lake behind the house..

Seeing how far they can go out on the ice

This little truck is parked on the ice, then bets are made as to when it will fall through the ice...hope it will fall through while we're here.

The kids playing with the snow, notice the back of Ryan's shirt? It says, we live where you vacation, kinda funny...and that didn't hit Kamryn by the way.

My favorite to look for wherever I go, pinecones

Little birds in the tree out front, maybe Robins?

It's now 12:55 am back home, but only 8:55 here, and the sun is going down, John said he'd wake me up later if he saw the Northern Lights like he saw last night, hope I can wake up!

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