Monday, April 18, 2011

Alaska Day 5 - Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday in Florida always involved palm branches.  I wondered this morning what they would use for palm branches in Alaska.  We drove to Wasilla Church of the Nazarene to join them for worship.  As we came in we were warmly greeted, by greeters and members alike, even the teens.  It is definitely a younger crowd than our church.  Other differences?  The worship band was center stage, drums, guitars, and ukelele.  The Old Rugged Cross accompanied by the Ukelele, was really well done, it reminded me of our trip to Hawaii, while we were in Alaska.  I loved it.  The interim pastor brought his coffee up to the podium.  Never seen Pastor Joey do that.  A more casual church than ours, but God wants us to come to him as we are.  Which is what these people were doing.  The pastor spoke about the expectations we have of what God is going to do.  Like the Jews had of what the Messiah would do.  Or, the expectations the disciples had of Jesus.  Are we looking at the expectations we have and missing the reality God has for us?  Oh, the palm branches?  They didn't  have any.  Wish I'd have packed some in my suitcase for them.  After talking with more of the church members, and the youth Pastor, and interim Pastor we went out to look at the lake behind the church.  These trees were blooming...

 I've never seen a willow blooming before, beautiful.

 After lunch at KFC, a stop at Target for some supplies, and then a grocery shopping trip to Fred Myers (awesome store, a cross between Fresh Market, Publix, and World Market) we took a different road home.  Glad we did because Ryan spied this on a side road, we made a U turn and came back.  There we 3 all together,  2 adults and 1 smaller moose.  Really something to see.

 Back for a quiet afternoon at the Lake and waiting for the sunset.  It set at 9:28pm.   It did not disappoint.  Now I'm just waiting for the moon to rise, I'll add photos if I get any.

This just shows how bright it still is at sunset, love the reflections in the window.

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