Saturday, April 16, 2011

Window dressings

I like to look through other peoples garbage. Not the banana skins and coffee grounds kind. The good junk kind. Well my husband doesn't agree that it's good, but I still love him anyway. I've always liked the old windows, you know the ones made of wood frames and glass panes in them. In Florida you don't see many of those. I did find 4 in a trash pile a year or so ago, but they were big almost door sized and I'm working on making them into a cabinet. Just a few months ago I saw where an old house near the neighborhood where I live that was being remodeled so when I saw the pile out front I stopped to see what was there. I had to drop the kids off at home first, they didn't want to be a party to my plans. When I got there though I thought I'd hit the jackpot. 4 wooden window with 2 long panes each, and a wooden door. Only problem with the door that had a solid bottom and panes in the top? They had cut it in half. I wanted to cry. But I picked up the lower half anyway and then the van started spewing out steam and making a screeching sound (later we figured out it was something to do with the air conditioning system). So much for trying to be subtle while the construction workers were working at the house. Anyway, I brought them home and passed 2 of the windows onto my Dove friends (that's another story).

With one of them I added a couple of crown molding shelves I'd found in Goodwill.

I put it on my wall in the family room where I have my work area.I love how it turned out. Just proves one mans junk is another mans treasure.


  1. That is so beautiful! I love your creativity. A really fun space!

  2. What a creative idea with the frames on the wall and all. I love it. I hope you can stop by and link this up to my VIP party today!


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