Monday, April 25, 2011

Alaska Day 12 - Easter Sunday

We drove up to Anchorage today to drop John off so he could go to work.  Since he needed to be ready to leave for the airport by 11:30 we needed to leave at 9:00am, which meant we couldn't be at church on Easter Sunday, it is very unusual for us to miss a service on Sunday, let alone a special day like Easter. 

We drove up to the Anchorage Hilton, where John stays whenever he flies into Anchorage.  This was another chance to see John in his work environment.  I often talk to him on the phone and he'll tell me he's at the Hilton, or walking here or there in Anchorage.  He's talked many times about going into the storage room at the Hilton where the pilots can store jackets or anything else they need to.  I imagined a small room like a coat closet with a few coats hanging and a box or two.  Well today I got to see the real thing.  Nothing like what I imagined.

 The room was huge, there are lots of pilots that have stuff in there, and it is messy!

Not John's stuff of course.  He had most of his with him already, but he showed us where he keeps his things.  I didn't notice until later the case of Bud Light on the shelf, that is for the off hours, I'm sure, and it's not in John's section!

We were able to meet 2 of the other pilots John was going to fly with today.  He was deadheading (just riding on the plane, not doing the flying) to Chicago, and then he would have a few hours on the ground, then operate to plane back to Anchorage.  He goes through this same scenario many times each time he goes to work, but I rarely get to see it.  Meet the other pilots in the lobby, ride in the hotel shuttle to the airport...I only got to see the first part.
We headed back to Big Lake and stopped at the Denali Family Restaurant for Easter lunch.  Waffles, pancakes, catfish and patty melt, typical Easter meal, huh?  Back home we laid around for a while then headed out to try to find a few caches.
Not this type of cache!  Thought this was funny though!  We went first to find a  match container cache hidden at the park near the house and got to see the Swans in the pond and the kids played in the trees.

Then on to a mini cache hidden on an Low Airplane sign, there are small airfields all over the place!  One plane was doing touch and goes as I looked for this cache.
Then off to try a multi.  This is one for Florida Pirate and Wench!   The name of the cache is "Pirates of Dollar Lake take Big Lake"

the first stage was a treasure map that was printed on leather...

   ...the final was a diaper wipe container wrapped in contact paper and duct tape strips to look like a treasure chest. It was wrapped in a thick plastic bag, but the bag didn't even close.  So far all the caches I've found have been dry inside,  that is a nice change!   Inside the treasure chest there were pirate "accessories" for you to put on and take a photo with.  I looked really stupid, I couldn't keep a straight face, but took the photo anyway.

Definitely not our typical Easter, but a good day none the less.
Hope you enjoyed yours as much as we did!

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