Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pittsburgh Transplant Trail 2

One of the things I inherited from my dad was a love of being outdoors. I love being away from traffic and noise and people. Hearing the breeze through the trees, and even something scrabbling through the underbrush (possum?, armadillo?, bear? let's hope not!) just make the time in the woods so enjoyable. So when I discovered geocaching I was quickly hooked. (If you want to learn more go to

Well I found my 500th cache last weekend on a 13.27 mile hike. It was perfect! The weather, the group I did the hike with, but most of all the scenery! The only bad thing was that strand of barbed wire that I tried to put my head through, luckily I had a visor on my thick head.

Here are some of the photos of the hike:
This is the group of 10 that started the hike: Scrabbles (Me!), my 2 boys, Strombus and her son, JoshandMarce, FL Pirate, inpesa, and auyantepuy.

off into the sunrise

stopping to check the tadpoles

through the water...

the birds nest by stage 1

the mighty Oak

a little monkey time

a different viewpoint

planning on how to get through this part...

FL Pirates plan worked

then come the gators (we saw over 60!)

gator in the hole

ferns unfurling

baby gators...wonder where mama gator is?

the old railroad bed trail we were following through the swamp


I spy with my little eye...


The final! We made it!

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