Saturday, April 16, 2011

Alaska Day 2

Day 2 started off cold
but just look at the view of Denali or Mt McKinley
We spent the day going to see John's 3rd floor front office. Not your typical office. Kubo san, the station manager for NCA Anchorage met us at the North terminal and signed us up with DHS (Department of Homeland Security) to be able to go out and go on one of the NCA 747-400 cargo planes.
Kubo san drove us out in a van onto the ramp to see what other planes were around while waiting for the NCA plane to arrive. The Dream Lifter was there, a modified 747 used to transport 787 components.
Weird looking plane. When John saw his plane coming in he was disappointed to see it was the one with green on the nose. It was painted with some kind of eco friendly paint so they added green to signify that. Each of the planes are names also, this one is Pegasus.
We watched it land, and the guys direct it into park.
Then we had to wait for the crew to come off and go to the security office, they don't allow you to interact with the crew until after they go through security. We watched them off load cargo and saw some ready to load.
Then up we went.
We got the full tour. From the bunks in back, to the seats (first class) where deadheading crews ride, to the joke about NCA standing for No Cabin Attendants, to the galley and the most important the "front office"!
The kids liked sitting in the left seat and trying some of the knobs and levers, with John explaining along the way.
I just liked being able to see where he spends his time away from home.
It was another side to him I haven't gotten to see before. On the way out I noticed the cargo bay, this is a huge amount of cargo, and you can see why when people ask him what he transports on his plane he just says, "I don't know!"
On the way home, we took a detour to drive out onto the lake.
Yes I said DRIVE on the lake. Creepy. Well it was to me at least, John and the boys didn't think so. Ryan got his chance to do doughnuts on the ice.
Back at the house Kamryn plays with the sled she found, notice the moon above her.
Sunset ends the day.


  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful trip! Looking forward to your next post! /d

  2. Do we have to post "encouraging comments?" It is fun following you each day. How long are the actual days there right now? Is there much darkness?
    Has Ryan got Kristen's polar bear yet? If he gets him now, he can have time to train him for a pet before he gives him to her.
    Looking forward to the next post!!!

  3. Happy to see you all enjoying yourselves considering the temperature,Looking forward to more info. of the trip.
    Auntie Joan and Uncle Collin

  4. As always, I'm impressed with your angles in your pix! Love the fact that we can follow along. Be sure to hand someone the camera so we can see *your* face in some of these! Or, find a reflective surface and shoot yourself! (mirror, ice, etc.)
    Kathi K!

  5. Oh this was wonderful and I can relate with Shannon appreciating seeing JR's home away from home. We look forward to future postings. Great job Shannon! Do continue to enjoy your lovely vacation.

    Juliette, Mom & family


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