Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wrought Iron Something

I've been enjoying Would You Buy It Wednesdays over at Junker Newbies blog for the past few weeks.

Each  post makes me think about things in a new light, how they have used something I would overlook, or suggestions from readers as to what they would do with that certain odd thing.

Now, I find myself adding in.  Heaven and my husband certainly know I bring my fair share of junk home.  Most I find a use for, some sits for a while.  If it sits for too long it disappears when my husband is "cleaning".  Is it just me or when they get rid of it do you figure out what you "could" have done with such a great item?

Well, if I'm not careful, this will be the next thing to go.
 For right now it is sitting on my front porch keeping all the millipedes company (if anyone knows how to get rid of millipedes I will pay you for the information!).

I actually got it for free from Goodwill, on a half price day, with my full punch card.  It's in good shape, and has a marble top (though not my colors of choice on the marble).  But what to do with it.  Plants are the most obvious choice, but in South Florida, it gets so hot, and the plants dry out so quickly, and I forget to water them, it would just be a massacre.
 You can tell the marble doesn't quite fit, but works okay.

Would you have "bought" it?  Well how about if I tell you there was more to it when Goodwill gave it to me?

This was the part I liked!  It must have originally had glass in the sides to make it like a terrarium (or whatever word that would be).  Our kitchen is large and has this dumb soffit that runs around the whole room with florescent lights underneath and then high ceilings above that.  I have tried decorating the top to breakup the vast space, but most things just looked dinky.  I realized I needed pieces that were larger or more solid and this fit the bill.  The pieces (top and bottom) were held together with screws and nuts that had rusted, so I had to cut the screws to get it apart.

After seeing both parts would you have taken this home?  Any suggestions as to what to do with the base?  I'm also asking for suggestions as to what to do with the kitchen. I plan on painting the cabinets, and at some point replacing the laminate countertops along with the appliances as they expire.  But what color appliances? Definitely not the 2 tone I have now!  I am thinking either distressed white or black (or possibly green my favorite color) for the cabinets, something that contrasts with the wall color which I like.  Everything is too much the same tone now.

Thanks for stopping by to look at my junk!

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  1. oh I think so.. especially for the top. I might see if I had some wood boxes to put in the holes in the base, or flower pots... humm...

  2. I would buy this for sure - especially for free! Love the top part and the bottom has definite potential. I would probably get rid of the marble top and get a glass or mirror top cut.

  3. I like both pieces...don't know if I would have room for them, but that's never stopped me before, so Yes! I would have taken them.

  4. Oh ya i would have taken both of them home love how you displayed it on the cuboards!!! The table I would use outside for drinks and snacks!!

  5. I would have taken them! You could go to Lowe's and have them cut a piece of glass for the top maybe...won't be shatter resistant, so you'd have to be careful.

  6. Looks like you found the perfect spot for the top...which in my book makes the bottom a winner too :) If you took the granite top off...could you drop a few pots down from the top for an outdoor planter or buckets for cold party drinks??? Just a thought...Laurel

  7. Love anything iron, and free is my favorite price. Love the vignette you did with this base!


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