Friday, August 12, 2011

What I did for Chalk paint

Blogs are full of the wonders of Chalk Paint. Everywhere you look are beautiful transformations of furniture the turning of junk into treasure with just the application of Chalk Paint, no sanding required. It looked so good, even though I like sanding, but the cost was holding me back. But the Rednecks spotted me the cash. Yes, you heard me right, Rednecks. See my friends have a catering business (City Smoke BBQ the best I've ever had!  Look for them on Facebook), and they ask me to work for them sometimes to help out. Usually during the winter though is their busy season. But they had booked Redneck Yacht Club for the Fourth of July weekend and needed some help. The Redneck Yacht Club is a large tract of land just north of where I live, that has huge mud pits for mud pulls, trails for riding ATV's, camping area's, and dirt and mud everywhere. Oh, and a bunch of hungry Rednecks.  I actually enjoy working with my friends, and the Redneck Yacht Club (being a Redneck at some points in life myself).  The only problem with it is it was July.  In South Florida.  Tons of flies.  Over 100 degrees with the heat index.  And 100 percent humidity (well it did rain, so I guess at least that amount).  Working on a wood fired pit for 11 hours straight.  Yes, let's not forget having to use the porta pottie, that had sat in the Florida heat for 2 days, used by aforementioned Rednecks who had been imbibing quantities of liquid stimulation all weekend.  

I did get a chance to be driven around by my 15 year old who was having a blast on a 4 wheeler.  The best part was that I made enough money to not feel guilty about ordering Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, wax and a wax brush!

My first project to experiment on was a 3 drawer oak chest that I'd purchased at a Goodwill for $10.00.  It was a half price day, and I'd filled in a stamp card worth another $10.00 off, so the $40.00 chest only cost $10.  I stripped the old paint off the dresser, and made numerous repairs since the chest had water damage, the outer shell was fine, but the drawers needed fixing (someone filled in the cracks with some kinda glue I had to chisel out) and the bottoms replaced.  The paint, like everyone else says, goes on easily, distresses wonderfully and looks beautiful.  I choose Provence Blue, and love how the color blends with the tones I already have in my home.  A quart seemed such a small amount, but I painted so many things with that one can of paint, and still have over half the can of wax leftover. 

The chest looked so great in my craft area, that when I saw this great office chair I knew even at $20. it would be perfect in the chalk paint.  (How did the dog manage to sneak her rope toy into the photo when I wasn't looking?)
(Look at her trying to look so innocent!)

Then my 13 year old wanted to paint the vanity table and stool my mother had had as a child, so SHE used the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and wax with fabulous results.  No stripping or sanding the old painted chipped finish off for her, and the result was beautiful.  And yes, she has way more makeup than I do, but then she is a much more beautiful girl than me!

So 2 coats on the chest, 2 on the office chair, and 2 on each of the vanity and stool.  Just a little left in the can for my favorite makeover.  I don't have a before shot of the frame, just an average, black and gold frame, and a branch from an orange tree that died from old age in the grove behind our house.

Here's the before of the branch...

.....and the after, a nature made jewelry holder.  Love that I was able to bring in something from nature and use it in such an eye catching way.

So was the work I had to do to be able to afford the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint worth it?  Yes!

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  1. I've been wanting to try my hand at chalk paint myself. You did a great job on all your projects.

  2. Is that shade of blue a spray paint? If so, which brand?

    Oh and thanks for visiting our blog.

    Milla from

  3. The blue in the above photos are from Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the Provence color, but my daughter spray painted a stool she made with the Rustoleum Lagoon color paint.

  4. Looks like it was totally worth it! Love all the redos!

  5. I would work for some rednecks for ASCP! Nice make-over!!

    visiting from MMS party..

  6. Love the redos. Can't wait to try chalk paint!

  7. Great job! Love that color blue. I see you are a real chalk paint convert!

  8. Hi! I am stopping by from Funky Junk Interiors. I am a new follower. Great jewelry display. Blessings...
    Saved By Love Creations

  9. Right now ASCP Province Blue is my favorite. I have just about used up my first can too - just enough maybe for a frame (hope so anyway). I am going to link this post to a post I am working on about ASCP, making your own chalk paint, using ASCP. Hope you don't mind. (it isn't posted yet, still a few more examples needed to make it interesting.)
    - Joy


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