Wednesday, August 31, 2011

This is What My Brain Looks Like

I was out for a day of Doctors visits with my oldest son on Monday.  Just a routine check that I had to make much harder, since my brain doesn't seem to exist.  We live in Estero, between Ft Myers and Naples, about a half hour to each city from our house.  His first appointment was at the new Endocrinologist we have been seeing, at 10am.  The second appointment was at 2:50 in Naples at the Dermatologist, and I had planned to go with him to the first, drop him off at home and have my husband take him to the second appointment, since I had a mile long list of things to do.

But we drove the half hour to get to the office in Ft Myers only to be told the appointment was at the Naples office (an hour away).  I told them I didn't even know they had an office there, and didn't know my appointment was supposed to be there, but they kindly set up with the other office for us to come in late.  So off to Naples we went.  They were very gracious in the Naples office, and I began to think on my way there, that I vaguely remember them mentioning a Naples office and choosing to come to that office since it was a slightly shorter trip from our house (haaa, haaa).  At least his visit went well, his HBA1C was 6.9 (for those who don't know that is a great number, especially for a 16 year old boy).  But then we had 2 hours to kill before the next appointment.  So he choose lunch at Five Guys, and then said how about going to the Military Mall, which happens to be inside an Antique Mall?  Sure, fine by me!

I just looked around since I was not planning on buying anything, but came across this and it just caught my eye. 


The color was the first thing I noticed, more green than in the photo from my phone, then what it was, had me thinking of Halloween projects since the head was hollow, but I just couldn't see spending $20 when I don't even decorate much for Halloween.  So we left her on the shelf and headed off to the next appointment and had good results there also.  I just keep wondering if my head were cut off would it be hollow inside also?

Would you have bought the hollow head?


  1. As interesting as it is, I think I would have passed on the head as well (esp for $20!). Had to giggle at your story about going to the wrong office for your son's appt...SO something I would do!

  2. I don't think I would have bought it either. I wouldn't know what to do with it for one thing and the price is a bit much.

  3. I may have bought it if it were a bit cheaper.. I always wondered why these heads didn't have like lids on the bottom? I'd love to fill them with things!

  4. If it was cheaper, $20 is too much.

  5. thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment on my dresser! so happy to have found yours and will be checking it out this evening!

  6. Hi!
    Found you through Newbie Junker. Saw that you lived 1-1/2 hours from Sarasota, so I though maybe Naples. I see you live in Estero. I lived in Naples for years and still have 4 sisters there and go often. Where is the antique mall you were talking about? It sounded like the one that used to be on Shirley Street, but I know they moved to Goodlette and then closed down. I would love to know where it is so I can go there next time I come to Naples....

    Hope you stop over to visit my blogs. I have two; and I am having a giveaway on my Comforts of Home blog!

  7. Oooh - spooky! I wouldn't have bought it! I think it would scare me if I saw it at night time, staring down at me in a weird green way!!!


  8. Thank you so much for your kind comments on our kitchen makeover! Good luck with the cabinet painting - its a lot of work but SO worth it in the end!

  9. I think I would have. It's one of those things that you can't find if you want it and you could use it to display a hat or necklace. Maybe fill it with something or paint it.


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