Friday, August 12, 2011

Cabinets Paint dilemma

I've been wanting to paint the kitchen cabinets for quite some time.

Especially since we painted the kitchen walls, now the wall color and cabinet color just seem to be the same tone, and blend in with each other.  With the ceilings so high it's just way too much of the same.

Love the wall color though, it's called Pear.

My dilemma is what color to paint the cabinets to have some contrast.  White, Cream, or Black?

It's a large kitchen and we have plenty of sunlight in Florida, so I think it could handle the black, but wondering if it would make it too heavy.

White would contrast nice, but would it be stark, and dirty quickly with 3 teenagers and all their friends in and out of the kitchen?

Or would cream be the best choice?  Maybe it would end up the same tone?

Don't look at all the mess, the teenagers I was talking about keep me constantly busy!  This was a background from another photo I was taking, just to show the tones. 

So what is your advice?  What color would you paint the cabinets?


  1. I actually don't think that white would be too stark with the wall color. On the contrary, it would provide nice contrast and freshness, whereas cream would just blend in. Is the stove hood white? Looks like the dishwasher is. I would stay away from black though. I think black should only be used in situations where there is huge skylight and windows all around the kitchen-- it just sucks all the light out of a room. (Not that I don't love black -- I considered it and tossed it out for that reason.) Maybe get a few different whites (BM White Dove, Decorator's White, etc) and test them out?

  2. I think cream was already out in my mind. The stove hood is white, and the dishwasher is black, though the range itself is part black and white, then the fridge is white! The previous owners couldn't make up their minds! I want to test out paint colors on the doors I took off and a few I saved from the neighbors trash, and see how I like them in the room. Now, I just need to find the time to do it, 3 teenagers to homeschool don't leave me enough time to do everything I want to!
    Thanks so much for your advice, I appreciate it!

  3. I love white cabinets ! Then you can accent your kitchen with any color .


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