Friday, August 12, 2011

Nature Made Jewelry Holder

I don't remember where I saw it in Blogland, it was just a picture hanging on the wall in some room, but it jump started an idea for me.  It was a frame, with twigs where a photo or painting would go.  

I like trees and nature.  I spend a lot of time walking the dog and hiking for geocaches, and just observing the trees and creatures I come across (unless the dog is pulling me trying to get to the creatures!).

I had a frame already and the idea perking in my mind that I had seen.  Then I noticed, while walking the dog, an old orange tree from a grove behind our house that had died and fallen over during a storm.

I found the perfect branch, at the right price, free.  My idea was coming to fruition!  Okay bad pun.

Just a trim and the frame a little glue and a few nails (put in with nail gun) to hold it all together...

and my idea actually worked for once!

Love the finished project!  So would you bring home dead sticks and hang them on the wall?

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  1. Yep ! I would do that ! Great idea !
    I'm your new follower .

  2. Wow this looks great. I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu


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